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Bridging the gap between component manufacturers and end user for the power and cost efficiency, TFE Energy delivers fully customized gensets ready to be shipped within a few weeks.

Setting new standards for
efficiency, performance
and customization

TFE Energy generators are a result of a productive long standing industrial collaboration and R&D to to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.

TFE Generators use the World Class control systems with industry leading offline and online operational features and present the World’s best Biogas engines to accompany TFE Energy Biogas Reactors and other Waste Digesters.

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TFE Energy

Our Generators

  • Power Generators
    Diesel, Gasoline/Petrol, Marine Fuel Oil
  • Marine Generators and engines
  • Gas Generators
    Biogas and Natural Gases

Our Components
& Accessories

  • Electrical Components
    Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS);
    Intelligent Circuit Breaker;
    Synchronizing Systems for parallel
    and/or standby units;
  • Alternators
  • Engines
  • Control Systems

Our Brands

our brands

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Telephone: +6082 522700
Facsimile: +6082 460700